Laundry Tips
Laundry Know How
Just follow six simple step, you can easily treat well to your most precious clothes.
1. Spots & Pretreating
Spot the dirt before laundry is essential. if we miss the pretreatment the clothes can set stains forever. Just a bit of detergent over the dirt spot will make your clothes like brand new.
2. Right Detergents
Less bubbly detergent can prolong your washer lifespan as too much waterflow might affect the washer eletrical component give wrong signal to washer centre processing unit.
3. Right Volume
Using too much detergent doesn't get clothes cleaner. In fact, it will attract more dirt. resulted clothes sticky and stiff. Be careful with concentrated soap, people tend to overpour & this will require more effort to put in to clean the detergent.
4. Segment & flip over
Separate whites, darks and color clothes. Flip colored clothes inside out to preserve brightness. Don't full load your washer give a little space for evenly washer mixing flow.
5. Right Temperature
Water temperature will affeact clothes diffrently, read carefully the labels. Cold water rinses will help to dilute the dirt.
Hot Water: Good to heavy dirt & sweat clothes. But can fade colors & shrink clothes.
Warm Water: Good for polyester & cotton fabric. A bit heat will helps activate regular detergent & stain removers.
Cold Water: Good for acrylic, silk & wool fabric. Cold is less likely to shrink the items. But warm is better for killing bacteria & remove stains.
6. Dry It Right
Shorter is better: Too much heat shrinks and abrades fabrics, and causes utility bills to spike. Use a longer spin cycle in the wash, then dry small loads of similar weight (i.e., all towels) so heat circulates evenly.

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